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  1. Привет всем
    Я новичок в форуме. Я читал ваш форум в течение двух месяцев. Очень полезно и интересно. Со многими экспертами!
    Я живу в Италии, и я попробовал некоторые старые RD (очень плохой) теперь читать различные сообщения, я решил взять XR3008. То, что вы видите в ссылке. Он в порядке в моей стране или мне нужно изменить прошивку? Он прибудет в течение нескольких дней.

    Ciao a tutti
    Sono nuovo del forum. Ho letto il vostro forum per due mesi. Molto utile e interessante. Con molti esperti!
    Io vivo in Italia e ho provato qualche vecchio RD (molto male) ora leggendo i vari post ho deciso di prendere un XR3008. Quello che si vede nel link. E va bene nel mio paese o ho bisogno di cambiare il firmware? Si arriverà in pochi giorni.
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    Hello everyone
    I'm new to the forum. I read your forum for two months. Very useful and interesting. With many experts!
    I live in Italy and I've tried some old RD (very bad) now reading the various posts I decided to take a XR3008. What you see in the link. He's okay in my country or I need to change the firmware? He will arrive in a few days.
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  2. This module is with 3 screws on the side (narrow or "new version" in your ali link) and this one I do not recommend, at least it didn't work for me as I expected and I purchased from the same seller on Aliexpress. Later I ordered different external module from and it works perfect.
    You need one with 4 screws on the side (wide module, called "old version" in your link).
    Just write private message to user (on this thread) and request item + shipping price, I hope he will arrange one for you including shipping with tracking number. He accepts paypal.

    In terms of firmware it works fine for me in LV in Ka band without any modifications (Stalker, Multanova).
    You can use Extended service on to have additional features (subscription costs few EUR per month), like removing greetings at startup, time reminder etc., but this is up to you.

    PS Could you please confrim fine for using radar detector in Italy? I have information that fine is from €761,00 to €3.047,00 (Art. 45 co. 9-bis Code of the Street). Is this true?
  3. @Italy, because this device haven't effective protection against RD-Detectors like Spectre III or IV - first check your local laws about fine for using radar detector. Read message of @js_online carefully.
    Second - because you can't change Russian voice to English itself, ask me in PM for it after registration on and first update.

    This isn't available for English voice version, Russian only.
  4. Hello and thank you for the answers.
    The game arrived today. Saturday I install it.
    Article 45 paragraph 9a: Whoever manufactures, sells or uses the devices referred to in paragraph 9-bis subject, where the act does not constitute a crime, the administrative sanction for payment of a sum of € 802 to € 3,212.
    Honestly, I work with a driver's license and losing it costs me more money. In Italy the police should look more serious problems !
    Two questions:
    1- when I will install XR3008 will have uploaded the map Italy of speed cameras?
    2- before you buy another external module, I want to try how this goes. But if he speaks in Russian I do not understand anything. Should I do a factory reset and then somewhere to look for a firmware English?
    I read all the pages of this forum but now I have many doubts.
    As soon as I installed and updated the software correctly I experiment with video.
    One more thing ... how do you advise me to write in English or Russian translated by google translate?
  5. Best way - write in English. Google translator often gives very unexpected results... :)
    Official updates include coverage of Italy and moreover - throughout Europe.
    But we can't confirm the relevance and accuracy of the data. Moreover, we think, that its isn't very good data if its like data for Russia.
    This problem was solved for Russia by the creation of an independent update service that uses freely available and rapidly updated by the users data on police radars. But this isn't supported coverage of Italy and you can use official data only.
    This is second problem. If you bought "Russian" version of the device instead of the "European" - officially you can't change voice to English by any way.
    Firmware for EU version of device is very different from RU and crash the device if uploaded into it.
    Here is one way only - register account on, update device first time under this account and ask for manually change Voice version setting for this device to "English voice set which compatible with russian firmware". This option isn't available for select their own.
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  6. Ok thanks, I got the Russian version on the market because I have not found the European version.
    So you tell me that if I do an update in the English version available on the official website this create problems?
    If I do the update on following registration, everything would be fine? in the case of this update you can also rule out the welcome as I think I read?
    But in this case has a cost registration on this site that you advise me?
    I apologize for the many questions but if I lived in Russia would already be solved.
  7. No, you just get a message about an incompatible device. Crash was an result of experiments about manually change of firmware, this is unavailable for you.
    This is free. Press second button:
    and on next page enter your preferable login, password, e-mail (need for confirm of activation) and captcha from picture, then press button at bottom.
    First time your device get russian alternative data and russian voice set automatically. But this is one only way for tell update service about new device.
    Next step - admin of service manually change voice version setting for device which have concrete serial number. In future you can change before update procedure version of data to "Orig" (official data) or "Alt", if you want to check device job without any GPS messages. Or for update on border of Russia if you need to have that trip... :)
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    As @Passerby already mentiobed about maps, I also have concerns about this, as this database is created by China manufacturer which have nothing to do with real situation in your region. If you need real point of interests including speedcams install on your phone Waze or other app used in this region.
    As item your purchased is also russian version XR-3008 from Aliexpress, as was explained above:
    1. Register on
    2. update firmware one time here. During this update serial number of your device will be catched and registered in the system.
    3. ask @Passerby to change voice version setting to English for your device and after this is done update firmware one more time
  9. You are great ! Thank you for your help.
    Now start with the recording and then tomorrow I try the device as well as me and come to see that everything is ok. Because if I change something the seller would not accept it back in case of problems.
    So let's see if I understand:
    1- After recording I connect my device and automatically records the data of its factory.
    2-at the same time I do an update in Russian
    3-change the language in English
    4- do update in English (European version)
    That's right?
    To use the POI already installed the navigator mercedes source with this device but I wanted something more.
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    I should add that I'll use this device only in Italy
  10. Hello, the temptation was too strong.
    I did register on the site and I did the first update.
    I think I have done everything right.
    Now how do I get English language and remove the welcome messages, etc.?
  11. Contact @Passerby in PM (Private Message).
    Welcome message removal is developed for russian language only under Extended service. For english you will get language file just as is.
  12. Ok, setting for this device was changed.
    Update device again and check result.
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    If you know link to free, regularly corrected, relevance and accuracy data about the speedcam for your area (preferable but not necessarily in iGo ext format) - this data simply enough may be included into automatically calculated "Alt" version of database.
    @js_online, BTW it's right and for you...
  13. Hey guys, you are sensational!
    I did update and now there is a sensual voice that speaks to me in English!
    Thank you very much !
    Tomorrow start the installation on the car.
    I googled Italian I found these links to download free speed camera POI, I do not know if they fit as the format, I do not know if they are only for the Italian market, or to Europe, should be for tom tom navigator widely used in Italy:
  14. Hello everyone, today I installed the game.
    I had to mount it horizontally, because vertically there is no space
    It all seems ok. Voice in English (breaking balls every time I turn the car) but ok.
    Satellites ok. W flashes properly. Immediately in the parking lot of the house tells me K band, there are no automatic gates, so I thought that the distance sensor that comes standard with mercedes pointing the wall or vehicle there in front of me. I did 2 km test. and it marks the speed correctly, he also signaled me to a point where normally the police put a mobile speed camera. One thing I do not understand it shows me 1 hour more than the real one in Italy. Tomorrow I do more testing.
    Thanks again for the help.


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      152,1 КБ
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    Hold Mode to enter settings. Click Mode multiple times to paramerer #6 - time zone. Use up/down to choose +2. For LV I have +3 (we have 1 hour difference).

    I recommend you also connect internal module thru custom button (switch), so you can turn it off fast because after connection is lost between internal and external module (in case of stop, because of powering based on motion sensor - RD210TX) after 3 minutes you will hear message like "radar detector is turned off". If police stops you and will hear this message game will be over ... :)


  16. Js Hello, I followed your advice and now hidden better.
    Thanks also for the suggestion of the hour.
    first results, the map enough updated, many false in K band, then today I experienced the following:
    If I can put a video with two passes in the same spot, the first time it all sounds the second is not. (?)
    In this case, the signal comes only from the gps or warns the detector feel the radio signal?
    Ok, I realized that you can not upload video ...sorry.
  17. This is known issue for any device. Escort radar in their documentation says the following: "Because intrusion alarms and motion sensors often operate on the same frequency as ...-Band radar, your device will occasionally receive non-police radar signals. Since these ...-Band transmitters areusually contained inside of a building, or aimed toward the ground, they will generally produce much weaker readings than will a true radar encounter. As you become familiar with the sources of these pseudo alarms in your daily driving, they will serve as confirmation that your device radar detection abilities are fully operational." :)

    Which band is this radar? (K, Ka, Laser)? For Laser you should not expect good results. None of devices will catch 100% this band.

    Just upload video to YouTube (set Unlisted), copy video link address, click Mедиа button in the instrumental line of this editor (third after smile) and paste link of the video.
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  18. Check your speed in both case against smartmute setting in device...
    Unfortunatelly we haven't english manual, try to read via goggle translator:
  19. hello
    (Hei js I see now that you live in a place known for beautiful girls !) ;););)
    1- excellent response to Escort radar! (although difficult to listen to all day)
    2-I do a series of videos and then load them all together on Youtube.

    3- Thanks Passerby, I'm a demented, the second time because I was not playing a more low speed and under the threshold ... I already have the manual in English
  20. Hello,
    I live in France and I just bought a Conqueror XR-3008 in Russian version, because I did not find in English, the seller who told me it was simple to install the English language I do not speak Russian and I do not understand.

    After reading many pages on this forum, I see that it is not so easy and that other users are in the same situation as me especially "Italy" on page 78,
    I followed the instructions on page 78 to make the change:
    I create my account on rdupdate
    I perform updates on my XR-3008
    But I can not find the solution to connect in "Admin" Mode
    For the solution it must send a private message to Passerby?

    Thank you for your answers

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