Goldmars (conqueror) GT-1

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  1. Hello together,

    my name is michael i bought myself a goldmars(conqueror) GT-1.
    Actually everything is in chinese. I want to ask if somebody know if it is possible to change the language to english
    or at least to russian.
  2. @damion, it's pure chinesse model.
    Try to update via this link for language change and download official EU base.
  3. ok thx a lot...actually i live in china, will i still have the poi´s for china?
  4. #4 Passerby, 29 сен 2016
    Последнее редактирование: 29 сен 2016
    Well ... No ready solution at this moment, although it's possible in theory.
    And because it's isn't very necessary, there are no plans for the implementation of this decision.
    --- Сообщения объединены, 29 сен 2016 ---
    P.S. BTW, sorry, but access to "my" link from chinesed IP must be locked...

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