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  1. Hello Dear @oleum944,

    Thank you very much for your questions about our new firmware 0005.
    Please be informed that there are only two firmwares : One is 0000, and the other is 0005.

    There were some improvements on firmware 0005 as follows :

    Особенности новой версии:
    - Добавлена сигнатура радара Бинар
    - Добавлена сигнатура радара Оскон
    - Улучшено детектирование радаров Кордон и Кордон-М
    - Улучшено детектирование радаров Визир, Искра 1Д, Радис
    - Улучшено детектирование радаров Вокорд (включая инсталляции с несколькими радарными модулями)
    - Улучшено детектирование радара Вокорд-Циклоп
    - Улучшена защищённость от помех
    - Оптимизирована работа GPS-оповещений
    - В режим Лимит превышения добавлен шаг +20км/ч

    To use this opportunity, I would like to mention our understanding about Oskon.
    According to the website (Оskon | Новые интеллектуальные технологии), we think that Oskon signals could NOT be just one type (especially due to our previous experiences about radar part of Smartmicro).

    Our engineers/developers visited Russia and tested in front of several Oskon.
    And, all of them worked quite well with signature detection, using our firmware 0005.

    Nevertheless, we don't believe that we fully analyzed and understood about Oskon signals as of today.
    And, it is even possible that the different signals exist. If this is the case, there could be even wrong/no detection on Oskon with our signature mode (firmware 0005).

    If you experienced with Oskon detection with firmware 0005, please kindly let me know the exact location (i.e. coordinate information), so that we will be able to understand at least whether it is same/similar locations that we also tested.

    Last but not least, I would like to also mention that we consider this Oskon issue very very seriously.
    We must overcome Oskon with stable and long enough detection as soon as possible.
    Otherwise, whole radar industry/market could have negative impact in the future.
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  2. @Super Rain Man
    Hello, Super-rain-man!

    Thank you for the detailed answer.
    At the moment there are a number of problems related to signature mode of 9540ВТ:

    1. Incorrect recognition of radar signatures. Example:

    All detection after 1:39 are incorrect.

    2. Detection of OSKON without recognition of the signature and then just ignore the OSCON signal.

    The coordinates of the shooting:
    55.519637, 37.002123
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  3. Hello Dear @_СаНёК_, Dear @evalar, Dear @Maicl,

    Thank you again for your valuable input about Street Storm's Database.
    I would like to update what we found yesterday.

    1. Software Bug for Avtodoria/Cordon Temp.

    The current update process is that (1) Raw Database Data is uploaded to to our Main Web Server, (2) this Main Web Server has a Special Software Program (our own system), which automatically match the pairs of starting/ending points, and (3) Database is finally updated to end-users.

    Our software engineers found some improvements needed for our Special Program. At this moment, this automatic process in our Special Software Program does not perfectly match the pairs of starting/ending points at several database locations.

    2. Future Improvements

    We will improve our Special Software Program to automatically match the pairs much better than now, and we think that we will be able to release the new DB by the end of this week.

    If you help provide the location information (i.e. coordinates), I am almost certain that our software engineers can replicate the problematic symptoms and fix the software bugs relatively fast and easy.

    3. Database Capacity

    Using this opportunity, I would like to explain about our Database Capacity Issue for our GPS models.
    There are two categories of GPS platforms as follows:

    (1) Phase I : GPS Models (produced 2011~2014)

    When we first introduced our GPS model (i.e. STR-9510 Classic), the total number of Database location was less than 1,000 locations (i.e. 700 locations) in Russia. This led our decision to make our GPS models to store up to maximum around 10,000 points in our GPS platform. This was 10 times more, and we thought that 10 times of Database capacity would not be a problem for around 5 years at least, given the fact that we have radar detector experience in Russian market since year 2002. In fact, there was no problem, when we began.

    But, Russian market was changed very rapidly since then. The number of Database location was continuously increased faster than imagined. Since it was not easy to change our product platform and we already purchased a number of CPU, PCB, and many many parts associated it, firstly we attempted to use up all the parts that we purchased and the commitments that we made to our parts suppliers.

    However, we finally made decision to make new platform to store more Database locations (up to 100,000 points), and ended up with throwing out huge money (i.e. we could not use the already purchased parts).

    (2) Phase II : GPS Models (produced 2014~2017)

    Our first model with bigger database capacity (100,000 locations) was STR-9950EX GL. After this, all of our newly introduced model has same capacity. for example, STR-9540BT also has capacity up to 100,000 locations.

    We thought 10 times more Database capacity comparing to our previous platform would not be a problem. In fact, there is no problem at all at this time and I am almost positive that it would be no problem in near future.

    Nevertheless, we have fundamental concern about database capacity issue, especially because of previous experience. We think that maybe even our current capacity would not be enough due to some unknown reasons that we cannot easily control in the future.

    In sum, we have a valuable lesson from the past experience above and the important thing is not to repeat the same mistake. We will be more and more careful to consider our platform decision in the future. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.
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  4. Hello Dear @oleum944,

    Thank you very much for your immediate attention with valuable informations.

    1. Incorrect Recognition of Radar Signatures (Video)

    Thank you for your video. I confirm that it is absolutely incorrect recognition of radar signatures, as you said. To be honest, however, it is not easy to understand exact situation with video only. If you could give me the location information (i.e. coordinates of the tunnel), it might be a big help to understand the overall environments there.

    About your video, a guess from our software team is as follows: If there is a "K-band Emitter" right after passing tunnel, it is possible that our product could make some incorrect signature detections. As far as we experienced, there are various types of K-band Emitters in Russia, and we were able to check only several kinds of K-band Emitters so far.

    2. Street Storm's Signature Platform

    To use this opportunity, I would like to explain about our CTP (Signature Mode/Super Quiet Mode) function, hoping to make you better understand our signature detections.
    I also hope that this could also reply to @Randy44 to some degree.

    (1) "Signature Edition" is, in fact, exactly same as "Super Quiet Mode"

    To begin with, "Signature Edition" and "Super Quiet Mode" are two different expressions, BUT they have exactly same meaning one functions (Signature Edition = Super Quiet Mode).

    To tell you the truth, we did not desire to follow the same terms and expressions (i.e. Signature) that other companies already made and used, from the very beginning. Therefore, we tried to make our own expressions. Through internal discussions, we came up with various naming ideas. One of them was "Super Quiet Mode(CTP)", which was voted and finally selected.

    After that, however, we realized that the name (CTP) itself could confuse people, because many end-users naturally think that our "Super Quiet Mode" should have been extremely silent. In fact, our CTP is not super quiet at all, from the very beginning. We just made wrong/confusing name by mistake.

    (2) Street Storm's Signature Platform (CTP)

    First of all, our factory default mode is CTP. So, when an end-user buys Street Storm's signature product, it is not necessary to change the setting from "Highway Mode" to "CTP Mode". They just need to "plug and go" without any change.

    CTP mode is not only capable of "Signature" detection, but also capable of "K-Band" detection: When there is signature signal (i.e. Kris-P), it detects as signature (i.e. in this case, alert sound is Kris-P). But, when there is normal K-band signal (i.e. Constant Wave or CW), it detects as K-band (i.e. in this case, alert sound is K). Again, CTP is NOT actually super quiet at all, and it continue to alert signals as either "signature" or "K-band", with our own filtering algorithm.

    Fundamentally speaking, we believe that "radar detector" must detect radar signal very very well. Therefore, it is NOT acceptable for us to miss ANY real signal, whether it is Signature Radar Detector or Non-Signature Radar Detector. Of course, we have to try our best to reduce "false alert" at the same time, but the priority should be "detection" of real gun. That is, Priority must NOT be "filtering" of real gun in reckless pursuit of "Silence".

    As of today, our signature platform is NOT perfect yet: Sometimes, our platform too could miss real gun signals. Sometimes, our platform is noisy with incorrect alerts. Sometimes, detection range of our platform is not long enough in front of certain type of guns. Nevertheless, we will continue to try our best to make better hardware/software platform in reasonable pursuit of "perfect signature detector".

    We are sure that this goal is possible with help, advices, and recommendations from end-users including RD Forum Members (as we all are radar detector enthusiasts after all !).
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  5. Друзья, всем большой привет! Спасибо всем кто поддержал меня и всячески пытался помочь мне в решении проблемы замены неисправного РД на исправный. Чудо в конечном итоге произошло, за что конечно благодарен Николаю. После связи с ним через его почтовый ящик, он выслал в мой адрес полностью исправный аппарат. Вчера получил его, уже немного потестил, пока нареканий нет. За что ему отдельное спасибо и уважуха! С учетом того, что на связь начал выходить официальный представитель производителя, хочется надеяться, что StreetStorm все-таки "восстанет" после всех своих оргмероприятий. По-крайней мере будем верить в это.
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  6. @Super Rain Man,
    Thank you for your attention. All my missing and incorrect points that do not sound, or do not correctly sound the str9540bt is on the map on the site of a streetstorm and even more so on speedcamonline.
    I'm wondering why having the device type Ptoolemei in the device does not sound it with a voice, and on the display appears the inscription Radar Ku. Correct.
    спасибо за проявленное внимание. Все мои отсутствующие и не корректные точки, которые не озвучивает, или не правильно озвучивает str9540bt есть на карте на сайте стритшторм и тем более на спидкамонлайн.
    Мне интересно почему имея в устройстве тип Птолемей устройство его не озвучивает голосом , а на дисплее появляется надпись Радар Ку. Исправьте.
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  7. Ну что же, могу подтвердить серьёзность намерений @Super Rain Man, и то что своё слово он держит.
    Сегодня получил от него оповещение об отправке устройства из Кореи в мой адрес.

    @Super Rain Man, thank you very much!
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  8. Если не секрет, что отправил?
  9. Первым пошёл STR-9900EX, что будет вторым пока не знаю :)
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